Weights Progress – Month 1

Weights - Month 1First – sorry for the vain pictures, but one of my resolutions this year was to lift heavy things and I wanted to track my progress! I’m one month into a ChaLEAN Extreme rotation and the results are looking pretty good, but I’m starting to miss seeing weight coming off the scale.

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How I got here: Part 7

Continued from prior post…

Before and After - Late 2010 to Early 2014And here’s where I stand today. I’ve now returned to a much healthier weight, feel better than I have in a long time, and truly enjoy my life! Now that the weight is off; however, maintenance will be my next battle. I’ve fallen short here before, but I think I’ve not only built strong tools to help me get there, but I’ve also got a strong support system with my friends and family! Continue reading “How I got here: Part 7”

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