Gluten Free “Skinny” Brownies

Skinny Peanut Butter BrowniesBrownies – quite possibly one of the best desserts out there. Add peanut butter to the mix, yes please!
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Weights Progress – Month 1

Weights - Month 1First – sorry for the vain pictures, but one of my resolutions this year was to lift heavy things and I wanted to track my progress! I’m one month into a ChaLEAN Extreme rotation and the results are looking pretty good, but I’m starting to miss seeing weight coming off the scale.

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Stir CrAzY!

Caramel CornI woke up too early today…that seems to happen a lot on Saturdays. I really tried to sleep in and go back to sleep, but that didn’t seem to work. So I got moving at 6:30. Ugh. While doing my chores and cooking for next week (I mean…what else should I do this early in the morning if I can’t sleep), Alisa let me know that Hip Hop was cancelled because of the snow-pocalypse! [Don DON dooonnnnn!]

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How I got here: Part 7

Continued from prior post…

Before and After - Late 2010 to Early 2014And here’s where I stand today. I’ve now returned to a much healthier weight, feel better than I have in a long time, and truly enjoy my life! Now that the weight is off; however, maintenance will be my next battle. I’ve fallen short here before, but I think I’ve not only built strong tools to help me get there, but I’ve also got a strong support system with my friends and family! Continue reading “How I got here: Part 7”

How I got here: Part 6

Continued from a prior post…

HHF-OrangeIt was time to take my life back – and – I embraced it head on. In early April, I bought a new pair of running shoes, mapped out an exercise plan that had me doing cardio two days a week and weights three days a week through the ChaLEAN Extreme DVDs. I also stepped on the scale and faced the fact that I’d gained about 20 lb. Not good – but I knew I could could get it off (again). After a few weeks of this new plan, I was already feeling better – and – bringing my hours at work back to the low 60’s helped my stress levels significantly. Continue reading “How I got here: Part 6”

Beefy Goodness: Barbacoa!

IMG_0861I. Love. Chipotle. The whole concept – and – the fact that they use high quality ingredients makes the trip (albeit only two minutes from my apartment) worthwhile. The Barbacoa beef is my absolute favorite, so I decided to try and make my own! I found an awesome looking recipe on PaleOMG – and – it was a crockpot recipe, which is a double win! Instead of eating this with rice or in a salad, I decided to stuff into into bell peppers and top with avocado and salsa. The best part: I was able to break this down into 12 meals! I simply portioned the beef and popped it in the freezer!

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