Stir CrAzY!

Caramel CornI woke up too early today…that seems to happen a lot on Saturdays. I really tried to sleep in and go back to sleep, but that didn’t seem to work. So I got moving at 6:30. Ugh. While doing my chores and cooking for next week (I mean…what else should I do this early in the morning if I can’t sleep), Alisa let me know that Hip Hop was cancelled because of the snow-pocalypse! [Don DON dooonnnnn!]

Instead of letting the day go to waste, I decided to finish cooking, do my weights (a day early) and a cardio session with Chalean (Turbo Fire!). Well…that didn’t take too long, so I decided to do some spring (er…winter) cleaning. Next thing you know, I’m selling a huge tote of old books and buying a new kitchen faucet! I’ve wanted a new faucet for a while. The one that came in my apartment was small, didn’t have a sprayer, and looked…old. Although it took me a good two hours (and a few trips to the hardware store), I finally got it installed ( without any catastrophes)! I absolutely love it!New Faucet

But…I still had more time left to kill. That means more cooking! I LOVE popcorn…and even though it’s not low carb, I usually kick my heels up on the weekend and eat some. Since the microwave popcorn has who knows what in it – and – buying the kernels is much cheaper, I broke down and got a reliable, inexpensive air popper one. I found a neat recipe for a clean eating / vegan / low(ish) calorie Caramel Corn and figured I’d give it a shot.

I decided to use the sucanat and avage, mainly because Whole Foods was out of xylitol (I’ve wanted to try this for some time) and I’m not a huge honey fan. I went to town and followed the recipe – with two minor tweaks: I added 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda after the sucanat / agave mixture was fully melted and stirred that in until foamy (lots of other traditional caramel corn recipes called for this) – AND – I baked the popcorn at 200 F for about 45 minutes, stirring it every 15 minutes. End result? Pretty darn good! I added some pecans to half of the batch, but I added them too late, so they didn’t really stick. Try out her recipe for yourself – it’s pretty darn simple!


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