Beef Stew and Cauliflower Mash!

Beef StewIt’s still winter (sigh) and this past week we almost set record low temperatures! ACK! Soup was definitely needed!

I’ve been having a beef stew craving for weeks, so I began my search for a good beef stew recipe. My diet / food lifestyle mainly follows the Paleo diet and potatoes are somewhat controversial in that community (mainly because of the carbohydrate / starch content). For the most part, I’ve stayed away from them because that’s what most Paleo folks do as well. However, now that I’ve essentially hit my goal weight (or range, at least), I’m not being nearly as restrictive on these tubers of yumminess. Before this stew, for example, I’d started having a sweet potato as part of my post workout meal¬†and didn’t have any negative impacts!

The final recipe I settled on seemed extremely simple – and – best of all, was a slow cooker recipe. With just a little bit of pre-work, I had this baby in the crock in less than one hour. I stuck to the recipe, until the very end when I added a little Worcestershire sauce and other random spices and herbs to make it a little more flavorful. If I make this recipe again, I’d probably add a few celery stalks, peas, and maybe even green beans. Also, I think this recipe would totally work with sweet potatoes (I wasn’t sure at first…).

Alisa wanted to try a mashed cauliflower recipe, which was even better! Beef stew with mashed potatoes was something I ate growing up and the mashed cauliflower was a great (and less starchy) alternative.

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