How I got here: Part 6

Continued from a prior post…

HHF-OrangeIt was time to take my life back – and – I embraced it head on. In early April, I bought a new pair of running shoes, mapped out an exercise plan that had me doing cardio two days a week and weights three days a week through the ChaLEAN Extreme DVDs. I also stepped on the scale and faced the fact that I’d gained about 20 lb. Not good – but I knew I could could get it off (again). After a few weeks of this new plan, I was already feeling better – and – bringing my hours at work back to the low 60’s helped my stress levels significantly.

I also tightly reigned in my diet and began counting calories and watching what I was eating again. I technically counted calories in 2012, even with the Engine Two program, but I didn’t put as much of an emphasis on it. For some reason, rather than going back to some of the great habits that Engine Two and Whole Foods taught me, I simply relied on the quick and easy microwave meals, along with instant oatmeal, and granola bars. It was helping me lose weight, which was a boost to my morale, but I still felt a little tired. Plus, I was still getting horrible sinus infections – about once a month – even after I’d been scaling down my workload.

I finally tackled my nasal issue after getting my 6th sinus infection by getting a CAT scan and seeing an ENT. The good news was that the ENT could quickly see that I had a deviated septum, which was part of the sinus infection issues. Ultimately, something this year was triggering inflammation in my nasal passages and the deviated septum meant my nose was a great environment for sinus infections. The other news: get surgery – or – take a nasal steroid for a while. Since surgery seemed a little expensive for me (and not to mention painful – tip to self – don’t watch YouTube videos of the procedure!), I tried the nasal steroid and voila – dramatic improvements! At the time of this post, I’m still taking these, along with an over the counter allergy pill – all without any side effects! In the Spring – Fall, I also add on a daily dose of nasal irrigation. Yes, it’s “interesting,” but it helps so much!

During the summer of 2013, another great thing happened: one of my two best friends, Alisa, got a job in Columbus, Ohio and was able to move here! We’re both focused on losing weight, so we’ve actually kept each other very motivated. I started doing other DVD exercises through her recommendation – and – we even started going to a cardio kickboxing class. And – that’s where we saw the flyer for a “Hip Hop Fitness” class. I wasn’t too sure about it, but Alisa was thrilled about the idea. So – I sucked it up and went with her for a class, but instead of hating it – I actually loved it! It was much more cardio intensive than my other cardio kickboxing class – and – it was much more about having fun. Within a few classes, I knew that I’d be signing up for a monthly membership – and – I’ve kept this membership ever since!

To be continued…

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