Thoughts on Lunch: Winter Main Dish

LunchWith my job, having time to actually get lunch is a special event. Most of the time, I get a few spare minutes to run the restroom, dial into another call, and then run to the break room (while I’m on a call) and grab my grub. So preparing lunches in advance is a huge help.

Throughout the year, most of my lunch doesn’t change. I usually have 3-4 cups of raw veggies, some sort of protein, and other snacks, like fruit and nuts to last me throughout the day. I usually switch up the raw veggies based on what’s in season – so right now, I’m mainly eating broccoli and cauliflower since it’s very easy to get at the supermarket. However, I’ll usually do bell peppers and cucumbers in the summer since I can get super cheap and awesome peppers through the farmers market! By the way – I don’t personally think that you need to eat several smaller meals a day, but it really seems to work well for me. With my days being hectic and always having projects to work on, eating my smaller meals throughout the day ensures that I don’t get too hungry – which stops me from getting hangry.

Tuna WrapsOne of my staples for the protein is a simple tuna salad, based on Nom Nom Paleo’s Tuna and Avocado Wraps. I usually use little packets of guacamole – or – fresh avocado, which ever I’m able to get my hands on. I also usually add a little mayonnaise to the mix for some extra creaminess, and celery instead of jalapeños. During the summer, I’ll eat this on Romaine lettuce leaves, but since I’m a little tired of salad this winter, I’ve been using Nori sheets, cut into fours. They’re super in expensive – and – have their own host of health benefits. I also use the Nori on my Taco Meat wraps (just good ole ground beef and taco seasoning), it’s interesting, but I actually enjoy the spicy and briny combo.

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