Thank You HHF & Gluten Free Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Thank YouI owe a big THANK YOU to my Hip Hop Fitness instructors. Collectively, they’ve helped me achieve some amazing things this year and I’m so grateful! Thank you Mike, Jacque, Martha, Melissa, and Shannon!

I wanted to do something nice for the them. At first, I thought about just giving them a card, or maybe an ornament, but I decided to make them something instead. I asked one of the instructors that I see each week if she knew of any major allergies with the other instructors. Fortunately, she wasn’t aware of any; however, it sounded like a few folks may be very “particular” about their food being fresh and some folks don’t eat dairy a lot.

Pumpkin BreadSo – I decided to make my Gluten Free Paleo Pumpkin Bread, but in mini loaves! I’ve made this recipe before and it was absolutely yummy – definitely a more “nutty” taste compared to the other Pumpkin Breads I’ve made before, but it’s still awesome! I found an awesome mini loaf pan at Target for only $10.00, so I was set to make these cute little guys – and I think now would be the time to try and find one since it’s “baking” season.

A few notes, I got this recipe at Against All Grain, but I made a few tweaks:

  • I added a little more pumpkin puree to notch up the pumpkin flavor. You may be able to double the pumpkin without impacting the baking time or final texture much at all.
  • I added some ground cloves for a little more flavor.
  • When making the mini loaves, the baking time will be much less. It only took a little over 40 minutes to bake these.

Also, the Arrow Root Powder might be a little hard to find – I recommend Amazon so you don’t have to hunt through multiple stores to find it!

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