How I got here: Part 2


Continued from prior post…

In late 2011, my employer encouraged all employees to go through a free wellness screening in order to get some extra money. So, I figured why the heck not – I may be big, but I should be somewhat healthy, right? I learned that my numbers were nowhere near “healthy.” Here’s some snippets:

  • Blood Sugar: 143
  • Cholesterol: 169
    • HDL: 23
    • LDL: 82
  • Triglycerides: 324
  • Blood Pressure: 150/90
  • Body Fat Percentage: 25.5
  • BMI: 34.7
  • Weight: 272 lb.

WHAT!? I got that bad!? That was a major blow to both my ego and my emotions. But, I didn’t take any immediate action…About a month later, one of my best friends, Drew, wanted to get some professional pictures of Alisa (my other best friend) and I. You can see the results to the right. It was these pictures that sealed the deal for me – I had to do something. I decided to take my life back. After all, I’d lost the weight before so I knew I could do it again…but in a healthier way.

It started with just simply tracking my calories, like I’d done before, but then I learned about a free class at Whole Foods for the Engine Two diet. I decided it was worth the 2 hour investment on Sunday mornings (for only about a month), so I gave the vegan styled diet a try. I am so glad I took that leap! I learned so much going through this course and tried a lot of new things. I tried kale for the first time (that’s right…the first time), learned how to properly sauté veggies, and even how to properly use a knife. This gave me a great jump start towards losing weight – and – along with exercising for about 150 minutes a week on a lightweight elliptical, I lost about 30 lb. in two months! These were great results, but I wanted to see how this really measured up.

To be continued…

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