How I got here: Part 1

Some History

2007 to 2008My family is great – they really are. I’ve got a great and supportive bunch of crazy – and not so crazy folks – and I love them all. However, beyond being great, most of us share another common trait: being big. Although this means we get to eat a lot of great tasting food, it also brought a lot of other ailments, such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and more. I’ve lost a lot of my family way too early – including my own mother when I was 11 from colon cancer.

Watching my mother go through cancer was a life changing event – obviously. Let’s be honest, how could you not be changed seeing anyone go through cancer? Within three years, my mother went from being an active member of my school’s PTA, Girl Scouts, and Church to being unable to take care of herself. I can only imagine the pain she suffered and I knew I didn’t want to go through it.

I knew that my mother’s death could be turned into somewhat of a positive catalyst in my life – but it took a few years for me to connect the dots about health and food. Throughout high school and college, I ate lots of rich and yummy foods – way more than I needed – and though that exercise was limited to the semester or so of Physical Education I had to take. This meant that I kept getting bigger and bigger…

Bound and determined to change that, I went from 300 lb. to 177 lb. in a very short period of time when I was in college. Great news, right? Mission accomplished? Not quite. While I was successful in losing the weight, I was still missing a few pieces of the puzzle. I didn’t understand why I got fat in the first place – and – I lost the weight through extreme calorie restriction and exercise. Once my life got more stressful as I completed college, moved across the country, and started a new position, the weight seemed to pile on.

To be continued…


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