Breakfast Time!

Picture - Egg Cupcakes
I’m a stickler for a daily routine…as you’ll see, I like to cook all of my meals on Sunday so that they’re ready to go throughout the week. For breakfast, I eat two of these little devils and then another egg treat about an hour later, usually because I get distracted by something at work.

Picture - Egg Cupcakes

This is actually one of the first Paleo recipes I every made and I started by making this exactly as I found it at Everyday Paleo. Since then, I’ve changed it around a little bit to make it simpler for me. Since it’s winter now, I mainly use frozen veggies from Trader Joe’s, but once it warms up, subbing fresh veggies and tossing in even more veggies is a good idea.

Picture - Egg Cupcakes

Since this is my first recipe post, I wanted to make the recipes as easily accessible as possible, so below you can get a PDF of the recipe (on my own recipe layout – yes – I’m that nerdy) or use ZipList!

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